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Introducing Our Essential Corporate Policies Package

Risk management failures in major corporations have captured the headlines for many years. These include governance failures (like the recent Greensill Capital scandal), corruption and bribery cases (like the Smith and Ouzman Limited case), environmental catastrophes (such as Bhopal gas tragedy and Seveso disaster) as well as sexual harassment cases (such as those highlighted by the “Me Too” movement). ...

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Notification of Conversion – A Shift From ‘Land Reference Numbers’ To “Parcel Numbers”

For foreigners who wish to visit Kenya for various reasons either business visits, family visits or tourist vists they can now apply for their visas (Evisa) online. The Evisa must be applied for and approved prior coming into Kenya. The application procedure is detailed below....

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Court Rules on Non-Payment of Capital Gains Tax by Chargee Exercising Statutory Power of Sale

The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax chargeable on the whole of a gain which accrues to a company or an individual on or after 1st January, 2015 on the transfer of property situated in Kenya, whether or not the property was acquired before 1st January 2015. ...

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