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Does a Permanent Resident Holder Qualify to Be Issued with a Kenyan Passport?

Immigration & Global Mobility

Does A Permanent Resident Holder Qualify To Be Issued With A Kenyan Passport?

Discover who qualifies for a Kenyan passport - from citizens by birth to those eligible through registration or marriage. Permanent resident holders, while enjoying various rights, are not considered ...


Immigration & Global Mobility

Spouses Of Diplomats And Doing Business In Kenya (receiving State): What Are The Options?

Diplomats in Kenya such as, accredited representatives to Kenya of foreign governments, persons enjoying immunities and privileges as set in laws relating to privileges and immunities, accredited dipl...

Are Spouses in Polygamous Marriages Eligible for Permanent Residence in Kenya?

Immigration & Global Mobility

Are Spouses In Polygamous Marriages Eligible For Permanent Residence In Kenya?

It is common knowledge that foreigners married to Kenyan citizens are eligible to apply and attain Permanent residence status. Parties in a Polygamous marriage however commonly wonder if this also app...

Do you need to visit Kenya for business? Here is what you need to know about the Business Visa

Immigration & Global Mobility

Do You Need To Visit Kenya For Business? Here Is What You Need To Know About The Business Visa

A business visa allows a foreigner to attend business meetings, prospect potential opportunities, negotiate contracts and even execute the negotiated contracts while holding the Business Visa. ...

Have You Replaced Your Old Generation Passport?

Immigration & Global Mobility

Have You Replaced Your Old Generation Passport?

The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Interior & Co-ordination of National Government, has recently shared a press release reminding all Kenyans that by 1st December 2022, Kenya will migrat...

Application for Kenyan Citizenship by a Foreign Male Spouse

Immigration & Global Mobility

Application For Kenyan Citizenship By A Foreign Male Spouse

The promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya (2010) brought to an end the discriminatory provisions under the repealed Constitution of 1969 regarding the acquisition of citizenship by marriage....

Seeking Asylum in Kenya

Immigration & Global Mobility

Seeking Asylum In Kenya

The Refugees Act, 2021 Laws of Kenya (hereinafter the “Refugee Act”) defines asylum as the protection granted to a person in Kenya who is outside his or her country of nationality or habitual resi...

Rights and Obligations of Refugees in Kenya

Immigration & Global Mobility

Rights And Obligations Of Refugees In Kenya

Refugees are as matter of fact vulnerable individuals forced to escape from their country of origin or habitual residence on apprehension/threat of or actual persecution on political, social, economic...

Registration of a Marriage between a Kenyan Citizen and a Foreign National

Immigration & Global Mobility

Registration Of A Marriage Between A Kenyan Citizen And A Foreign National

The Marriage Act, 2014 laws of Kenya (the “Act”) consolidated all the laws on marriage and divorce in Kenya. It recognizes five types of marriages namely Christian marriages, civil marriages, cust...

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