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Get to Know About the Acquisition of Kenya Dependant’s Pass.

Immigration & Global Mobility

Get To Know About The Acquisition Of Kenya Dependant’s Pass.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, any person who is not a citizen or an asylum seeker shall not be allowed to enter or remain in Kenya unless the person holds a ...

The Significance of an Understudy When Applying for a Class D (Employment) Work Permit in Kenya.

Immigration & Global Mobility

The Significance Of An Understudy When Applying For A Class D (employment) Work Permit In Kenya.

A Class D work permit (also known as Employment Permit is normally issued to foreign nationals who have been offered specific employment by a specific employer in Kenya....

Salient Features of Kenya’s Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Immigration & Global Mobility

Salient Features Of Kenya’s Electronic Travel Authorization (eta)

The Government of the Republic of Kenya through the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration, on the 2nd of January 2024 published the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration (Amendment) R...

Duties and Obligations of Employers Upon Employing Expatriate Employees

Immigration & Global Mobility

Duties And Obligations Of Employers Upon Employing Expatriate Employees

We discussed what it takes to hire an expatriate worker in Kenya in our earlier article, in addition to that it is critical that employers comprehend their duties and obligations when hiring expatriat...

Intending to Recruit an Expatriate Worker in Kenya? Key Considerations for Employers

Immigration & Global Mobility

Intending To Recruit An Expatriate Worker In Kenya? Key Considerations For Employers

We are living in a time when organizations are keen on hiring skilled professionals from abroad when seeking out employees whose specialized skills and experiences may not be readily available locally...

Frequently Asked Questions on Acquisition of Permanent Residence Status in Kenya

Immigration & Global Mobility

Frequently Asked Questions On Acquisition Of Permanent Residence Status In Kenya

When it comes to obtaining permanent residence in Kenya, many questions are frequently asked. The purpose of this article is to answer a few of those questions. ...

Revision of Fees for Various Immigration and Citizenship Services.

Immigration & Global Mobility

Revision Of Fees For Various Immigration And Citizenship Services.

The Government of Kenya through the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Interior and National Administration has recently published a Special Issue of Kenya Gazette Vol /CXXV-No. 241 of 14th Novem...

Get to Know About Notarization, Authentication Apostille, and Consular Legalization of Documents in Kenya

Immigration & Global Mobility

Get To Know About Notarization, Authentication Apostille, And Consular Legalization Of Documents In Kenya

Authentication and legalization of documents is the process of verification that an original document is indeed legitimate and authentic for use in another country. Authentication of documents in Keny...

Does a Permanent Resident Holder Qualify to Be Issued with a Kenyan Passport?

Immigration & Global Mobility

Does A Permanent Resident Holder Qualify To Be Issued With A Kenyan Passport?

Discover who qualifies for a Kenyan passport - from citizens by birth to those eligible through registration or marriage. Permanent resident holders, while enjoying various rights, are not considered ...

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