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Commercial/ Business Law

Dues Payable Upon The Death Of An Employee

There are various laws which lay out the various substantive steps to be taken by an employer upon the death of an employee. ...

Registering a Branch of a Foreign Company in Kenya.

Commercial/ Business Law

Registering A Branch Of A Foreign Company In Kenya.

A branch of a foreign company is established when a new location, division, department, or office is set up in another jurisdiction as part of a foreign legal entity. Such entity would be set up and o...

Google set to ban Unlicensed Mobile Loan Apps on Play Store in new Developer Program Policy

Commercial/ Business Law

Google Set To Ban Unlicensed Mobile Loan Apps On Play Store In New Developer Program Policy

A construction work agreement is an important document in construction and construction management process. Parties agree on and set out key terms and conditions of a construction project and outline ...

FAQs on Shareholders Agreements

Commercial/ Business Law

Faqs On Shareholders Agreements

A shareholders’ agreement is a binding contract between the shareholders of a company and the company, which governs their relationship, regulates control, ownership and management of the company. ...

Managing Business Reputational Risk: Non- Disparagement Clauses

Commercial/ Business Law

Managing Business Reputational Risk: Non- Disparagement Clauses

Kenya has made a lot of strides recognizing equality between the male and female gender and the courts are working to ensure that the right to equal treatment (non-discrimination based on gender) is u...

Lifting of the Ban on the Registration of Churches and Religious Organizations in Kenya

Commercial/ Business Law

Lifting Of The Ban On The Registration Of Churches And Religious Organizations In Kenya

It has been eight (8) years since registration of churches and religious organizations was banned. ...

Tips on Negotiation of Commercial Contracts

Commercial/ Business Law

Tips On Negotiation Of Commercial Contracts

A formal contract, which defines the agreed terms and conditions between parties, is an indispensable document in every commercial or business engagement....

Inspection & objections on Nairobi city county new draft valuation roll

Commercial/ Business Law

Inspection & Objections On Nairobi City County New Draft Valuation Roll

The Nairobi City County has announced the New County Draft Valuation Roll for public scrutiny. The New Nairobi City County Draft Valuation Roll is available for inspection at the Main City Hall Ground...

Private Companies Allowed to Hold Virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs) During The  Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Commercial/ Business Law

Private Companies Allowed To Hold Virtual Annual General Meetings (agms) During The Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Every company, except a single member company, is required to hold an AGM under the Companies Act. Failure to hold an AGM is an offence which attracts a fine of KShs.100,000. ...

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