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Legal Alert: The Place of Effective Management and Taxation of Multinational Companies in Kenya

Tax Law Advisory

Legal Alert: The Place Of Effective Management And Taxation Of Multinational Companies In Kenya

The Tax Appeals Tribunal (the ‘Tribunal’) in Tax Appeal No. 65 of 2023 involving M-KOPA LLC [C/o M-KOPA KENYA LTD] (the ‘Company’), has upheld the principle that a foreign company can be consi...

Tax Amnesty in Kenya: intricacies of the programme

Tax Law Advisory

Tax Amnesty In Kenya: Intricacies Of The Programme

The 2023/2024 budget tabled on 15th June 2023 provides for a tax amnesty programme which commenced on 1st September, 2023 and shall run up to 30th June 2024....

Key changes proposed by the Finance Bill, 2024

Tax Law Advisory

Key Changes Proposed By The Finance Bill, 2024

The Finance Bill, 2024 has now been published and as expected, the Bill proposes an array of changes. In this Article, we discuss the various amendments and their implications. ...

The Tax Procedures (Electronic Tax Invoice) Regulations 2024

Tax Law Advisory

The Tax Procedures (electronic Tax Invoice) Regulations 2024

As of September 1, 2023, electronic Tax Invoice Management System (e-TIMS) compliance became compulsory for all businesses irrespective of their VAT registration status. ...

Checkpoint Technologies Kenya Limited v Commissioner of Domestic Taxes (Tax Appeal 1181 of 2022)

Tax Law Advisory

Checkpoint Technologies Kenya Limited V Commissioner Of Domestic Taxes (tax Appeal 1181 Of 2022)

Transfer pricing is not an exact science and precision can be challenging due to the varied methodologies. Sometimes, different methods yield a range of figures, all equally reliable. ...

 Branch vs. Subsidiary- The Tax Question

Tax Law Advisory

Branch Vs. Subsidiary- The Tax Question

The decision to establish a presence in Kenya often confronts enterprises with a crucial choice: should they pursue a branch or subsidiary structure?...

Need a Tax Break? Consider Tax Reliefs, Amnesty, Waiver or Exemptions

Tax Law Advisory

Need A Tax Break? Consider Tax Reliefs, Amnesty, Waiver Or Exemptions

While taxes are the other sure thing in life alongside death, they play a vital role in society....

Keeping Up With the Changing Landscape of Capital Gains Tax

Tax Law Advisory

Keeping Up With The Changing Landscape Of Capital Gains Tax

The Finance Act 2023 introduced a number of changes to Kenya's Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime. These include a new due date for payment of CGT, a new qualifier for the exemption for a transfer of ass...

20% of contested taxes as security deposit is a barrier to accessing justice.

Tax Law Advisory

20% Of Contested Taxes As Security Deposit Is A Barrier To Accessing Justice.

Through stakeholder consultations, the KRA and the National Treasury have recommended amending the TAT Act to provide what they see as a medium ground. ...

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