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Summary of the Draft Companies (Foreign Companies) Regulations 2024

corporate commercial

Summary Of The Draft Companies (foreign Companies) Regulations 2024

The Draft Companies (Foreign Companies) Regulations, 2024, provides a detailed framework for the registration, operation, and compliance requirements for foreign companies wishing to set up business i...

Implications of the Withdrawal of the Finance Bill, 2024

Tax Law Advisory

Implications Of The Withdrawal Of The Finance Bill, 2024

The President recently referred the Finance Bill, 2024 (the Bill) to Parliament with the recommendation to delete all the clauses, what next? ...


The Sustainability, Climate Change and ESG business unit

The ‘e’ In Esg

As the world is feeling the effects of pollution and climate change manifesting in various calamities such as drought, floods, the significance of the ‘E’ in ESG is becoming increasingly undeniabl...

Duties of Developers and Purchasers in Off-plan Projects

Construction & Infrastructure Law

Duties Of Developers And Purchasers In Off-plan Projects

A real estate developer's/vendor’s responsibilities are multifaceted. They include initiating, organizing, carrying out, and overseeing development projects. The significance of developers carrying ...

Business Succession Planning in Family Businesses

Wealth and Private Clients

Business Succession Planning In Family Businesses

Effective business succession planning is critical for ensuring the continuity and long-term success of an organization. This particularly rings true for family businesses, where the transition of lea...

Presumption of Marriage in Kenya: End of an Era?

Labour Relations and Immigration Law Advisory

Presumption Of Marriage In Kenya: End Of An Era?

It is a long-settled common law principle that long cohabitation of a man and woman with a general reputation as husband and wife raises a presumption that the parties have contracted a marriage. ...

Estate Planning Solutions for Expatriate Employees in Kenya.

Wealth and Private Clients

Estate Planning Solutions For Expatriate Employees In Kenya.

In our previous article, (insert the link of the article) we discussed the intricacies of employing expatriate workers in Kenya, along with the corresponding duties and responsibilities placed on thei...

Converting a Business Name into a Private Limited Company: Key Considerations and Benefits

corporate commercial

Converting A Business Name Into A Private Limited Company: Key Considerations And Benefits

Whereas most businesses often start out as sole proprietorships under the business name regime, growth among other circumstances often necessitates their conversion to the limited company regime....

Silencing the Noise: A Landmark Victory for Estate Residents against Noisy Establishments

Dispute Resolution

Silencing The Noise: A Landmark Victory For Estate Residents Against Noisy Establishments

It has been a long and industrious day at work. All you need is to get home and enjoy your hard-earned rest. But Alas! The entertainment spot right next to your estate has opened its doors and the lou...

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