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Business Succession Planning in Family Businesses

Wealth and Private Clients

Business Succession Planning In Family Businesses

Effective business succession planning is critical for ensuring the continuity and long-term success of an organization. This particularly rings true for family businesses, where the transition of lea...

Estate Planning Solutions for Expatriate Employees in Kenya.

Wealth and Private Clients

Estate Planning Solutions For Expatriate Employees In Kenya.

In our previous article, (insert the link of the article) we discussed the intricacies of employing expatriate workers in Kenya, along with the corresponding duties and responsibilities placed on thei...

Amendments to The Trustee (Perpetual Succession Act) Cap 164

Wealth and Private Clients

Amendments To The Trustee (perpetual Succession Act) Cap 164

On 24th April, 2024, the President assented into law The Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No.2) Bill of 2023, effecting significant amendments to 16 Acts of Parliament, including the Trustee (P...

Loopholes That May Expose Your Will to Contest

Wealth and Private Clients

Loopholes That May Expose Your Will To Contest

With each passing day, more people are embracing estate planning, with great preference given to the preparation of a will. A will has been defined as a legal declaration by a person of their wishes/...

When should you update your Will?

Wealth and Private Clients

When Should You Update Your Will?

Your Last Will and Testament is a crucial legal document that outlines your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and the care of your dependents after your passing. ...


Wealth and Private Clients

Is My Customary Marriage Voidable? A Case Study Of The Kaitany Vs. Linturi Divorce Case

A customary marriage is one that is conducted in accordance with the customs of communities of either both or one of the parties to the marriage. ...


Wealth and Private Clients

Intestate Succession In Polygamous Settings In Kenya

Polygamy, best described as the practice of a man having more than one wife at a time has long been practiced in Kenya, especially under customary and Islamic marriage settings. The Marriage Act 2014 ...

ASSET PROTECTION: THE ROLE OF TRUSTS IN PROTECTING BANKRUPT BENEFICIARIES  An Analysis of the UK Case of Smith v Michelmores Trust Corporation [2021]

Wealth and Private Clients

Asset Protection: The Role Of Trusts In Protecting Bankrupt Beneficiaries An Analysis Of The Uk Case Of Smith V Michelmores Trust Corporation [2021]

Family trusts have globally been recognised as the ideal succession tool for families seeking to preserve and devolve wealth to subsequent generations, but did you know they are also an excellent asse...

Building Bright Futures: Exploring Grandchildren Education Trusts

Wealth and Private Clients

Building Bright Futures: Exploring Grandchildren Education Trusts

With the cost of school fees increasing at an equal if not higher rate than inflation, many grandparents seek to lend a supportive hand in financing their grandchildren’s education, driven not only ...

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