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Converting a Business Name into a Private Limited Company: Key Considerations and Benefits

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Converting A Business Name Into A Private Limited Company: Key Considerations And Benefits

Whereas most businesses often start out as sole proprietorships under the business name regime, growth among other circumstances often necessitates their conversion to the limited company regime....

The In Duplum Rule Does Not Apply to Microfinance Institutions

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The In Duplum Rule Does Not Apply To Microfinance Institutions

In duplum is a Latin phrase derived from the word in duplo, which means "in double"....

Are Directors Employees? The Intersection Between the Employment Act and the Companies Act

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Are Directors Employees? The Intersection Between The Employment Act And The Companies Act

Directors are the governing organ of a company....

Registration of a Foreign Owned Entity in Kenya: Through a Subsidiary

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Registration Of A Foreign Owned Entity In Kenya: Through A Subsidiary

A foreigner, be it an individual or a multi-national, may set-up shop in Kenya and do business through a locally registered company....

Setting Up a Branch of a Foreign LLP in Kenya

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Setting Up A Branch Of A Foreign Llp In Kenya

As one of the top emerging markets to invest in, Kenya has many great opportunities for businesses wishing to gain entry into the market. ...

The Consolidated Administrative Remedies and Settlement Guidelines by CAK

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The Consolidated Administrative Remedies And Settlement Guidelines By Cak

The Competition Act is a statute which aims at protecting consumer rights as well as ensuring a robust market through the protection and promotion of competition in Kenya....

ESG, An Employment Perspective

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Esg, An Employment Perspective

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a collective framework or criteria through which stakeholders, investors and organizations use to evaluate a company’s performance. Th...

Registration and Deregistration of a Company PIN

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Registration And Deregistration Of A Company Pin

Unravel the mystery of PINs – Personal Identification Numbers! Dive into the essentials of PIN registration for companies, from necessary documents to the step-by-step process on the iTax portal. Di...

Transfer of an Estate/Forced Transfer of Shares Listed in Stock Exchange Quoted Companies.

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Transfer Of An Estate/forced Transfer Of Shares Listed In Stock Exchange Quoted Companies.

Unlock the secrets of estate transfers and share successions! Discover the intricate legal dance of passing on stocks after a shareholder's demise. From navigating probate to the electronic magic of t...

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