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Employees Entitlement to Intellectual Property Rights developed for the Company

Intellectual property rights are rights granted to a creator of invention, artistic and literary works, designs and symbols and names and images used in commerce. These rights are protected by law through patents, copyrights and trademarks....

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Recordation of Intellectual Property Rights for Imported Goods in Kenya

According to a survey conducted by Anti-Counterfeit Authority’s (ACA) and dubbed 'Counterfeits and other Forms of Illicit Trade in Kenya in 2018', counterfeits accounted for 77% of the total businesses losses in 2018.’ This shows that trade in illicit products and counterfeits increased in 2018 compared to the total reported losses in 2017....

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Web Cookies 101

We previously highlighted the importance of consent in the collection and processing of personal data as a principle of data protection under the Data Protection Act, 2019 (the Act), whereby the consent is required to be “express, unequivocal, free, specific and an informed indication of the data subject's wishes”. ...

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