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Notification of Conversion – A Shift From ‘Land Reference Numbers’ To “Parcel Numbers”

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Notification of Conversion – A Shift From ‘Land Reference Numbers’ To “Parcel Numbers”

The Cabinet Secretary in charge of lands & Physical Panning has in exercise of the powers given under section 6 of The Land Registration Act, no. 3 of 2012 (the “Act”), on the 22nd November 2017, vide Legal Notice no. 277 issued The Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017 (the “Regulations”).

Conversion of Old Reference Numbers to New Parcel Numbers

According to the Regulations, the Cabinet Secretary is required to establish land registration units in all the counties. Following the requirement, the Nairobi Land Registration Unit has been put in place.

The Cabinet Secretary has vide a Gazette Notice No. 11348 dated 31st December 2020, published a list of the parcels of lands in Nairobi county and notified the public of intended conversion and allocation all the parcels with new parcel numbers. The Gazette Notice proposes to do away with the old reference numbers. The new parcel numbers will be fed into the new land register from the 1st April 2021.

Requirements to effect conversion

To undertake an application for replacement of title documents, the following are required:

  1. Original title to be replaced
  2. Certified copies of the owner’s identification documents.
  3. In the event of ownership is by a company, certified copies of certificate of registration/incorporation as well as copies of national identity cards/passports of the directors/officials

Lodging a Complaint

Any person aggrieved by the contents of the Gazette Notice as published may file a complaint with the Land Registrar within a period of ninety (90) days on or before 31st March 2021. This includes owners of parcels of land within Nairobi County whose details may or may not be captured in the Notice and who wish to make a complaint to the Registrar for redress.

Where a complaint arises, the Registrar may register a restriction on a parcel of land for purposes of preventing any fraud or improper dealing in the land. The Registrar is required to act on a complaint filed within ninety (90) days of receiving it. Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Registrar may within thirty (30) days appeal to the court.

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