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Introducing Our Essential Corporate Policies Package

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Introducing Our Essential Corporate Policies Package

Esteemed Client,
Risk management failures in major corporations have captured the headlines for many years. These include governance failures (like the recent Greensill Capital scandal), corruption and bribery cases (like the Smith and Ouzman Limited case), environmental catastrophes (such as Bhopal gas tragedy and Seveso disaster) as well as sexual harassment cases (such as those highlighted by the “Me Too” movement). These failures are partly attributed to weak internal controls, weak corporate governance framework, and insufficient corporate responses to risks that effectively cater for stakeholders’ and gatekeepers’ concerns from a whole-enterprise perspective.

To comprehensively address risk management, organisations should look at risk management from the perspective of corporate governance (“risk governance”). As organisations strive to keep pace with an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, they should ensure that they have in place relevant structures and policies to meet the ensuing new regulatory and business demands. Having the right structures and policies in place is therefore essential and critical to the success of any organisation.

This is because the policies are required in compliance with the legal and regulatory framework as in the case of a Sexual Harassment Policy (required under Section 6(2) of the Employment Act); an Anti-corruption/ Anti-bribery Policy (required under section 9 of the Bribery Act); and a Data Protection and Privacy Policy (in compliance with Article 31 of the Constitution and the Data Protection Act)- with the failure to comply attracting hefty penalties and criminal sanctions ranging from fines of KES 5 million and above and imprisonment for up-to 10 years. Additionally, and equally important, detailed and comprehensive policies guide the employees and management team as well as the board in its oversight role.

As we celebrate our 7th birthday this September, we have come up with a programme to help organisations have ‘business -as –usual’ policies: the “Essential Corporate Policies Package” at a concessionary rate of KES. 250,000/=. In so doing, our goal is to assist organisations to minimise compliance risks, avoid unwarranted litigation and trouble with regulators, streamline their operations and adopt a holistic approach to risk, governance and compliance.

Our ‘Essential Corporate Policies Package’ includes:

Human Resource Policy;
Sexual Harassment Policy;
ICT Policy;
Health and Safety Policy (including a Fire Policy);
Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy;
Supplier’s Code of Conduct;
Data Protection and Privacy Policy;
Competition & Consumer Protection Policy; and
Disaster Management & Business Continuity Policy.

Your success matters to us and we offer this package to allow you to have a one-stop shop access to all the essential policies which will not only ensure that you are legally compliant but will also allow you to have better results and collegiality within your organisation.

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