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Do you need to visit Kenya for business? Here is what you need to know about the Business Visa

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Do you need to visit Kenya for business? Here is what you need to know about the Business Visa

Here's what you need to know about a business visa in Kenya

The Business Visa is a single-entry visa which allows foreign nationals to enter Kenya for business ventures. A business visa allows a foreigner to attend business meetings, prospect potential opportunities, negotiate contracts and even execute the negotiated contracts while holding the Business Visa. This visa is endorsed on the foreigner’s passport as a visitor’s pass and is usually granted for a period of Three months, subject to renewal for a further 3 months. Thus, being a type of visitor’s pass under section 31 of Kenya Citizenship Regulations of 2012, it wouldn’t allow one to in engage in any form of employment or income generating activity while residing here in Kenya without obtaining the requisite work permit /passes.

Guidelines for the application of a Business Visa

  • The visitor must create an E-Visa Account;
  • The visitor will need clear passport photos with a white background. The photos must not be older than 6 months;
  • The visitor must have invitation letters inviting him/ her for the business visit. The letter may be from a company or natural person who may be an existing or proposed business associate;
  • The visitor will need to submit copies of registration documents of the inviting business;
  • The application must be supported by an identification document from the natural person executing the business invitation letter on behalf of the inviting business; and
  • A Return Air Ticket.

The application fee is USD 51 which amount is paid at the point of submitting the application. Once all the information has been submitted correctly and the application fee has been paid, the visitor will be able to download the E-Visa in color and in duplicate.

Limitations of a Business Visa

  • Possession of the downloaded visa will not be the final authority to enter the Republic of Kenya. The passport must still be verified at the port of entry;
  • Failure to pay the Visa fees upon approval shall render the application null and void;
  • The validity of the Business Visa shall be for a period endorsed at the port of entry, subject to extension but the validity shall not exceed an aggregate period of Six (6) months;
  • Having the Business Visa does not allow the holder to engage in gainful employment or carry on any income generating activity while residing in Kenya under this Visa. Such engagement without the requisite permit or pass is considered as an offence.

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