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Forensics and Compliance

Forensics and Compliance

Working together with our associated forensic and investigation company, our aim is combine our respective skills and provide our clients with a world-class integrated legal, compliance, forensic and investigative service.

  • Our dynamic and multidisciplinary team is solutions focused and provide invaluable supports to clients facing high stakes litigation, arbitration and compliance investigations, and parliamentary or regulatory scrutiny or inquiries.
  • In addition, we pride ourselves as being able to help our clients secure and protect their enterprise value by quantifying damages and providing expert testimony in fraud cases, insurance fraud, conflict of interest and breach of trust claims, intellectual property infringement claims, professional malpractice, lost profits, valuations, breach of contract, purchase price disagreements, breach of warranties claims, malicious civil proceedings, business interruption, environmental claims as well as construction claim.
  • In relation to forensic investigation, our team is able to employs diverse forensic accounting and investigative skills as well as appropriate technologies and modeling expertise to identify, collate and analyze information and data in order to reconstruct the underlying transaction and resolve complex financial transactions. This culminates in the reports of our findings which, inter alia, reconstructs and offer insights on who the impugned transactions or activities were carried out. Moreover, whenever necessary, we are always able to testify on our findings including testing in court as experts witnesses.
  • By integrating our team’s forensic and legal expertise, we help identify and manage the extent of commercial, regulatory and reputation risks in your organisation, while preserving legal professional privilege.
  • CM Advocates and its said partner offers a diverse range of forensic and investigative services. These are grouped into three categories:-
      Preventative Measures
    • Professional design and implementation of fraud risk management strategies.
    • Reviewing and structuring pre-emptive compliance programs.
    • Fraud risk assessment of internal policies and structures to identify potential weaknesses in risk management.
    • Forensic accounting analyses.
    • Drafting appropriate anti-corruption policies, codes of conduct and procedures.
    • Conducting anti-corruption and awareness training.
    • Developing and implementing corporate governance best practice.
      Curative Measures
    • Dealing with and advising on employment related forensic issues.
    • Conducting independent and privileged internal forensic investigations into suspected wrongdoing.
    • Managing corruption exposure by giving recommendations on resolving any wrongdoing, and advising on neutralising concomitant reputational risks.
    • Investigating statutory, regulatory and policy breaches (including KRA, DCI, SASRA, CBK, EACC, KBRs, Parliamentary Committees, Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), Assets Recovery Agency, Anti- Counterfeiting Authority, Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK)).
    • Litigation support, including expert witness testimony.
      Regulatory Compliance
    • Advising on self-reporting obligations and voluntary disclosure regimes.
    • Conducting due diligence into compliance with local and international laws and regulations.
    • Conducting risks assessment under the Bribery Act, the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Acts and the Proceeds of Crimes and Anti- Money Laundering Act.
    • Engage and deal with industry regulators.
    • Legislative lobbying services.