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Energy, Mining and Infrastructure (EMI)


We provide wide spectrum of legal services in relation to mining and natural resources laws and commercial exploitation thereof. The mining in Kenya is regulated by the Mining Act, 2016 and the regulations thereunder. We serve clients involved in prospecting, extracting, processing, mining, royalty and minerals development.

Our areas of work include: -

  • Liaising with the Ministry of Mining and relevant department thereof;
  • Due diligence investigations;
  • Property rights and titles and stakeholders engagements;
  • Corporate and transactional including negotiating specific agreements, sales and purchases agreements, operating and maintenance agreements
  • Environmental issues and compliance;
  • finance including debt financing, private equity, corporate finance and commodity finance;
  • Taxation and other statutory claims;
  • Dispute resolution including litigation, mediation and arbitration;
  • Legal and regulatory compliance including occupation health and safety, competition laws, and labour and employment law.

Energy Law

We help our client exploit opportunities in harvesting of energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources as well as related transactional and compliance issues. We have expertise to advise clients on various energy related issues including but not limited to the following:

  • Liaising with the relevant ministries and government departments to seek approvals, letters of comfort etc.
  • Negotiation of power purchase agreements as well as other relevant agreement including joint venture and joint operations agreements;
  • Energy law regulatory issues including development, financing and licensing of power projects;
  • Advising renewable energy projects including solar projects;
  • Advising on environmental issues, public participation and stakeholders engagement;
  • Grids, transmission and other interconnection issues;
  • Mergers, acquisitions and other share deals;
  • Taxation and other statutory compliance issues; and
  • Litigation and arbitration.