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Immigration Services, Labour and Employment

Immigration Services

The firm has developed capacity and great contacts at the Kenyan Immigration Department using which it is able to provide expedient and efficient immigration and advisory services to its local and international clients. Our services under this department include:-

  • Advisory services
  • Our Immigration law team has a good understanding of immigration laws and regulations and they are able to advise on a wide array of immigration matters. The firm also has experience in handling contentious immigration matters and has in the past represented clients in judicial review proceedings for unlawful deportation, among other contentious immigration matters.

  • Permits and Passes
  • The firm is able to effectively advise on the requirements and assist in procuring work permits to persons seeking to engage in prospecting and mining, missionary work and other charitable initiatives, foreigners employed in Kenya, persons seeking to invest in the country and persons seeking to engage in agriculture and animal husbandry among others. The firm is able to advise effectively on the type of permits that will suit the client's needs and process the permits as well as other immigration documents for the investors.

    The firm's immigration team is also able to effectively advise on and assist in procuring special passes, dependants' passes, student passes, research passes and internship passes.

  • Permanent Residence, Citizenship and Alien Registration
  • The firm also regularly advises on and assists its clients in applying for and obtaining permanent residence and or citizenship on behalf of eligible persons; and assist with foreigner (alien) registration.

  • Visas
  • The firm also advises on and assists clients in obtaining business/ visitors visas, multiple journey visa and referred visas

Employment and Labour Law

The firm has a vibrant employment and labour law department that advises its clients on all aspects of local employment and labour laws, including:

  • Providing legal opinions and or carrying out employment audits to ensure that the clients are compliant with the laws.
  • Reviewing and drafting employment documents such as employment contracts, human resource policies and manuals, employment termination letters, deed of discharge, certificates of service among others.
  • Advising its clients on the handling of employees in the event of a merger/takeover and or termination of employees, summary dismissal or redundancy.
  • Advising clients on the various termination options available to them, disciplinary processes and requirements and the payment of terminal dues to enable our clients avoid unfair and or unlawful termination suits.
  • Advising and or assisting in setting up employee share option plans, pension funds and or schemes and generally provides advice on retirement benefits to its clients.

The firm's dispute resulution team also handles litigation and arbitration cases involving labour issues such as unfair/ unlawful dismissal, redundancies and other employment/ labour disputes.