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Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer

    At CM Advocates, we have provided sagacious estate planning guidance to our clients since our inception. Like most people, you have toiled to create your assets portfolio, and it is only prudent that you would want them safeguarded and distributed to your next of kin and other beneficiaries as you deem fit when your life is over. Here at the CM Advocates family, our experienced team of estate planning lawyers will help you seamlessly achieve your desired objectives in a manner that is designed to add significant value to you while offering you superb client services. With our help, you can be confident that your assets go to your intended beneficiaries and are not wasted away in protracted litigation costs and government taxes.

    We Safeguard Your Interest With Bespoke Estate Planning Tools.

    When you hire us, from the onset, you will have the opportunity to sit down with a trusted advocate to discuss your assets portfolio, your unique family conditions and your vision for the future. We shall enlighten you on a myriad of estate planning tools that can help you fulfill your goals and objectives. Our extensive and proven experience means we are well-versed in using all available tools and options to customize an estate plan that genuinely meets your needs. These tools include:

    • Wills;
    • Trusts;
    • Powers of attorney.
    We will work closely with you to develop a suitable, effective, all-encompassing and cost-effective plan for the distribution of your estate outside the probate court.

    Why Wait?

    We serve a diverse clientele which ranges from newly-wed young couples to senior citizens seeking to aptly plan their estate. You need not wait to formulate your estate plan, start now when you still have the strength, mental faculties and resources to do so. Relax and let us show you how to make your assets work for you.

    For more information, call + 254- 20- 10978/+ 254 716 209673 or email us via law@cmadvocates.com or cmaina@cmadvocates.com and our team shall contact you.

    Article by:

    Cyrus Maina,
    Managing Partner