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Circumstances a Public Trustee May be Appointed to Administer an Intestate Estate

public trustee

A blind trust is a living trust that is controlled by the trustees. It is created to intimate that the settlor (the person whose assets are transferred to the trust) and the beneficiaries have little control or knowledge of the status of the assets held in a blind trust. ...

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Can Diplomatic/ Consular Personnel and their Families Engage in other Ventures in Kenya Outside of their Official Duties?

It is common parlance to have Diplomatic Personnel and their family members engage in other gainful occupations in the host state Kenya included...

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Corporate Insolvency: Administration-Death by a Thousand Cuts OR Corporate Rescue Measure?

corporate insolvency

An Administration Order can only be granted by the Insolvency Court once the conditions under Section 531 of the Insolvency Act are satisfied, to wit, a company is unable to pay its debts and if the order is made, the company is reasonably likely to achieve an objective of the administration....

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