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Countries and Categories of Persons who may Travel to Kenya without Visas

In Kenya, the Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 laws of Kenya and the underpinning Regulations (the “Immigration Laws”) provide for issuance of visas to foreign nationals seeking to gain access to Kenya....

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Recordation of Intellectual Property Rights for Imported Goods in Kenya

According to a survey conducted by Anti-Counterfeit Authority’s (ACA) and dubbed 'Counterfeits and other Forms of Illicit Trade in Kenya in 2018', counterfeits accounted for 77% of the total businesses losses in 2018.’ This shows that trade in illicit products and counterfeits increased in 2018 compared to the total reported losses in 2017....

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Safeguarding Foreign Investment in Kenya

By this article, we highlight the process, requirements and benefits of registration of foreign investors in Kenya under the auspices of the Foreign Investment Protection Act Chapter 518 and the Investment Promotion Act, Chapter 485B laws of Kenya which include the right to be issued with a designated number of work permits and dependent passes for the foreign investors and their family members among other benefits....

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Security of Personal Data: Lessons from the Huduma Number Court Decision

In the world we live in today, data has become quite a crucial commodity with immeasurable capabilities that cannot be overlooked. Data protection compliance is increasingly becoming a key requirement to transactions across the globe, due to the potential risks involved in handling personal data. ...

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Acquisition of Permanent Residency Status by Marriage in Kenya

Permanent residence and citizenship status are long term immigration status conferred upon eligible persons with inherent superior entitlements to those enjoyed by holders of work authorization permits and passes....

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High Court Issues Conservatory Orders Against Enforcement Of Minimum Tax Provisions

The High Court of Kenya issued a ruling on 19th April 2021 granting conservatory orders restraining the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) from implementing and enforcing the minimum tax provisions pending the determination of a petition challenging the constitutionality of the minimum tax provisions, that is, Section 12D of the Income Tax Act (ITA)....

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